Auditions for plays: A murder mystery and a B-movie spoof

I am casting/directing a couple of things.
Auditions for all will be held
Thursday October 5th 2:30 - 5:30 PM
300 W. 43rd St @8th Ave. (Times Square Arts Center)
4th Floor Room 402 (Roebuck Theater)

Prepare a 90-second comedic monologue.
There's no pay and these are non-Equity. This is an opportunity to get an NYC off-off-Broadway credit in a starring or significant supporting role in a full-length play by a writer of note, without having to compete with celebrities, Equity actors, and actors with representation, and without having to pay membership, coaching, or other fees.

If you can't make the audition, please send video/resume/contact prior to the audition to (can be reel or a monologue).
I am looking for:

1. Comic timing (broader for the Tom Eyen piece, more subtle for the Agatha Christie)
2. Ability to remember lines!!!
3. Clear pronunciation and the ability to project.
I have time to help with the RP and the French bits as long as we're starting with the ability to remember and audibly pronounce the words in the first place.
Don't get hung up on ages. I generally have to compress the age range and skew it young.

Murder on the Nile - Agatha Christie


Canon Ambrose Pennefather
50s-60s. A fanatical Brisith clergyman with the curious & analytical mind of a detective. Speaks fluent French. Guardian/honorary uncle to Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn. Excellent character actor with great stage presence. Starring role.

Simon Mostyn
28-30. Attractive, boyish charmer, shallow. British RP accent. Former fiancé of Jacqueline. Kay’s new husband; from humble beginnings, determined not to use Kay for her money.

Dr. Bessner
45–55. Middle-aged, rather tubby doctor with a thick middle European accent (leaning toward German/Slavic). From a small European country whose economy was ruined by the dealings of Kay’s father.  He holds a grudge.

Miss Helen Ffoliot-ffoulkes
Aging socialite, not actually old enough to need an aide, but it gives her one more person to boss around.  

Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn
Mid 20s. Fair-haired & complexioned. Attractive, self-assured; used to her own way. Supposedly the richest girl in England. Newly wed to Simon, the former fiancé of her good friend & former classmate Jacqueline. Her guardian/uncle is Canon Pennefather. British RP accent.

Jacqueline De Severac
Mid 20s. Dark haired. Vivacious but can be cool as well as passionate. Kay’s ex-best friend & classmate & Simon’s ex-fiancee. Obsessed with Simon.  Educated in English so has British RP accent but speaks fluent French from her heritage.

The Captain - The ship’s captain, a drunkard.

Loise - Kay’s devious, clever French maid.

Ms. Christina Grant - The sweet niece and aid of Ms. Ffoliot Ffoulkes, looking to break free.

Will Smith (aka Lord Dawlish): An irreverent man, seeming to be an ordinary passenger, but is in actuality a wealthy aristocrat with designs to marry Christina.

Cast A
9am - 12 pm Tuesdays
10/10. 10/17. 10/24. 10/31
Dress/tech 12-3 11/3
7 pm Fri Nov 3
9 pm Sat Nov 4
6:30 pm Sun Nov 5

Cast B
9am - 12 pm Thursdays
10/12. 10/19. 10/26. 11/2
Dress/tech 3-6 11/3
9 pm Fri Nov 3
 7 pm Sat Nov 4
8:30 pm Sun Nov 5

Women Behind Bars - Tom Eyen


THE MATRON - Male (will perform some male roles, but will portray the matron in drag) The evil that men are. (This may be broken into two parts, depending on actor availability)
LOUISE - Everyone hates Louise including Louise.
BLANCHE - A butterfly waiting for her Streetcar.
JO-JO - Harlem's answer to Edward G. Robinson.
CHERI - The big blonde. Her morals were low, but her price was high.
GRANNY (SARAH LEE CROCKER) - The religious old lady with a chip on her tongue. (Also plays warden)
GLORIA - A real Camel girl. She'll walk a mile to the chair.
ADA - Too much speed has slowed her down.
GUADALUPE - San Juan's greatest export.
MARY-ELEANOR - The innocent destroyed by the system.

2012 reading cast, for reference; On May 7, 2012 The New Group presented a reading of Women Behind Bars featuring Charles Busch (The Matron), Halley Feiffer (Mary-Eleanor), Janeane Garofalo (Louise), Nancy Giles (Jo-Jo), Josh Hamilton (the men), Natasha Lyonne (Cheri), Cynthia Nixon (Blanche), Rosie O'Donnell (Gloria), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Guadalupe), Rhea Perlman (Granny, The Warden) and Jennifer Tilly (Ada). The reading was directed by Scott Elliot.

Cast A
3-6 pm Mondays
10/16. 10/23. 10/30, 11/6
Dress/tech 12-3pm 11/9
7 pm Thurs Nov 9
8:30 pm Sun Nov 12***

Cast B
9am - 12 pm Wednesdays
10/18. 10/25. 11/1. 11/8
Dress/tech 3-6pm 11/9
9 pm Thurs Nov 9
6:30 pm Sun Nov 12***
***(these Sunday times may be switched, stay tuned)