12 Angry Women

Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel
Based on the Emmy Award-Winning
Television Movie by Reginald Rose

Produced by Adam Roebuck                  

Directed by Denise Ivanoff

Stage Manager, Cara Jaye

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Additionally, there is another director and cast performing this in the summer. Please choose a performance in APRIL or MAY if you care coming to see the production I direct!

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Shows at

  • Friday, April 28: 7 pm
  • Saturday, April 29: 9 pm
  • Saturday, May 6: 7 pm
  • Sunday, May 7: 5 pm

Amanda Schussel
Katherine C. Netusil
Graceann Dorse
Heather Lehrman
Yasemin Eti
Emily Ann Coleman
Leanne Michelle Watson
Gro Katrine Engelstoft
Jaydine M. Maimone
Abby Sheridan
Nikolette Thoma
Amy C. Alvarez
Cara Jaye

Shows at

  • Friday, April 28: 9 pm
  • Sunday, April 30: 3 pm
  • Friday, May 5: 7 pm
  • Saturday, May 6: 9 pm

Michelle Siracusa
Rachel Donahue
Louise Heller
Cynthia Shaw
Lauryn Rochelle Garza
Kelsey Kyle
Nikki Dos Santos
Kaitlyn Murphy
Imana Breaux
JoAnn Celentano
Olya Grynko
Anneta Myroni
Cara Jaye

Shows at

  • Saturday, April 29: 7 pm
  • Sunday, April 30: 5 pm
  • Friday, May 5: 9 pm
  • Sunday, May 7: 3 pm

Roman Atherton
Michelle Lauren
Louise Heller
Carolynn Stouder
Anna Grindrod Feeny
Alexandra Mesaros
Sara Louise Linger
Lori Bodinizzo
Jayani Jalese
Cecilia Cereijido-Bloche
Veronica Maria Maccari
Cara Jaye